madtronix is back:-)

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Hello everyone

Wow a lot happened in the scene in the last 6 years since I disappeared!

Yes I'm serving the scene again. Fixing the website actually is the most complicated step for me at the moment. So please bear with me, there's 6 years of scene developement I have to keep up with and a lot of emails at the moment.

For the beginning I won't set up a fancy looking store, you'll just have to fill out the form on the order page and I'll send you a quote. Once the first round of orders is done and I find some time, I'll set up a proper store.

Contact me though asap if you have repair/service/idea requests or if you want to develop games and need special hardware like development kits.

I know that in the last 6 years some people somehow managed to send me money and/or lost their 3D imager colour wheels, etc. All in all it might be ~10 people that i still owe some products to. Contact me if you're one of them.

I was often told I should raise the prices of my products, and indeed I don't earn much with it if i pay taxes. On the other hand i never was into Vectrex for the money, I just love the console and want to enable as many as possible to enjoy the system. Some things changed in the least 6 years: I now live in a country with one of the highest tax rates in the world and the VAT in Sweden is 25% which means EU customers will pay a bit more.

My idea was to get the initial orders out now for the old prices (+25% VAT for EU customers without VAT-ID) and then do some calculations of what i need to do to break even.

All in all I'm really really happy to see this scene seems to be even more active then 6 years ago!

And yes, StarSling, logolite and Spikes Circus from Vectorzoa will finally be available.

Thank you everyone!




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