Madtronix welcomes a new team member!

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This side project originally started as non-Vectrex related but turned out to be one of the driving forces behind madtronix taking up the Vectrex work again:

The release was nearly 2 weeks late but it turned out pretty good I think. Really easy going like the rest of the team. I'm not sure about the gaming and coding skills yet, but we'll give our new team member some time for that.

This also means that all current paid orders will be shipped with a 2-3 day delay since I was in hospital the whole weekend.

We're really happy:-)

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Comment by VectrexRoli |

Gratulation! EInmal ein richtiges Projekt mit Hand und Fuß! Immer nur weiter so! ;-)

Comment by Der Luchs |

Yeah! Da ist es!
Herzlich Willkommen und Glückwunsch den Eltern! We need more 2 Coop Games ;-)

Comment by Jürgen Oster |

Wenn das mal keine richtige Herausforderung ist - viel Spaß und Glückwunsch!
P.S.: Gab's da nicht noch einen 2-Spielermodus ;-)

Comment by Chris Romero |

Congratulations your family on the successful launch of your hardware project! ;-)

I wish the new little life all the best.

To mom and dad and the new little one I wish for you an easy first year with plenty of sleep and warm snuggly family time.

Comment by jeroen |

congrats John, Mrs Madtronix with Madtronix Jr

Comment by RETROderik |

Congratulations and wishing you lots of happiness and joy !!
... goodbye gametime & welcome playtime ;-)

Comment by VectrexMad! |

Congratulations for the new little one! You have another beta tester!

Comment by Scalpel |

Congrats ! :)

Comment by Helmut (hcmffm) |

What a surprise! My congratulations and best wishes to your newborn child, John!

Comment by Stephen Franklin |

Great job!!! :)