STERNENKRIEGER - new game by Luchs-soft

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MENSCHENJAGD is still waiting for proper boxes and Overlay, but STERNENKRIEGER out now waiting to be shipped:

STERNENKRIEGER  is a 1-player LCD-style game collection consisting of 3 games and a TOURNAMENT mode:

Make it over to the other side without being hit by falling bombs or the resulting blasts. Use your shields by pressing buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Shoot the enemy ships and don’t let them crash you! You have only one shot at a time.

Shoot as many enemies as you can in 50 seconds. The obstacle will try to stop your shots.

All 3 games in an infinite loop with increasing difficulty.

How to order:

The first 50 games are with serial numbers in the ROM (displayed when starting up the Vectrex). If you have a special number (or number range) you'd prefer to own or if you want no number at all, please note that when placing the order and I'll try to fulfil that wish.

STERNENKRIEGER boxed with manual and red glasses will be 35 EUR shipping will be 4.90 EUR worldwide.

You can either transfer 39.90 EUR (or 31.50 GBP) to my EUR bank account (contact me)

Or 39.90 + 5% Paypal fee using this link:

If you know how to send personal Paypal payments you can do so and safe the 5% PayPal fee (

Please don't forget to include your shipping address if I don't have it already from earlier orders:-)

We're happy about the new plastic boxes that nearly fit (there's a small gap on the sides)

Drop me a line if you want to be informed about upcoming releases by our email newsletter.

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