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3D-Imager with both colour wheels (89€)

LightPen (no label and premium plug but functionally same as deluxe) (19€)

LightPen (with premium label and 3d printed plug) (24€)

vecZ (handpainted slimcart) (16€)

StarSling (handpainted slimcart) (19€)

logo lite (handpainted slimcart with 8kByte RAM) (25€)

Spikes Circus (handpainted slimcart) (25€)

Mail Plane (handpainted slimcart) (15€)

VecVoxX with build in speaker (49€)

Arcade Stick (out of stock) (45€)

Multicart boxed bundle with classic + modern multicart (79€) (free shipping)

Multicart classic edition (menu driven with 74 classic games, hacks, and demos) (39€) (free shipping)

Multicart modern edition (menu driven with 40 modern games, and demos) (39€) (free shipping)

Multicart Vectorzoa edition (menu driven with StarSling, Spikes Circus and logolite) (49€)

Multicart 3D imager classic games (with jumpers) (19€)

Center Dongle (put in player2 port for improved accuracy in 1 player analogue games) (8€)

Gamepad (hacked cheap quality mega drive pad) (19€)

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