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So back in 2007 I made a menu driven multicart. Then I disappeared from the scene and only ~20 were ever sold at game markets. I just polished them up a bit so this is how the slimcarts look like:

M1 is the classic games cart and contains:

  • - all original games (even Animaction)
  • - all unreleased games
  • - all original game hacks

M2 is the modern games cart and contains:

  • - all John Dondzila games and demos (
  • - VecSports Boxing by Manu (
  • - Thrust by Ville Krumlinde (
  • - Nebula Commander + Revector by Craig Aker

Both carts contain following minigames:

  • - Minigame Bombenhagel (
  • - Minigame City Bomber (anonymous)

There is a detailed game list here.

The carts work on ALL Vectrexes, even the European debuzzed ones. And thanks to the graphic design skills of a friend you can buy a bundle of both carts in one of these nice looking boxes:

This is how the box looks from the inside:

So, to celebrate an upcoming release, the first 50 (the carts are numbered) orders will get the bundle for 79 EUR shipped anywhere in the world (no VAT on top, not even for Europeans) in these handmade envelopes with stamps instead of printed barcodes:

When using EU bank transfer (no Paypal fees) use the contact form.

For Paypal (+5% Paypal fees) click here:

Check out with PayPal.

Then of course for everyone just in for the games there's a budget version of both the classic games and the modern games multicart available through the order page.

These come without fancy handpainting, a simple b/w game list and a sticker so you can put it into the original Vectrex cart shells (I don't want to destroy old games for it and while the reproduction cases currently on the market work perfectly with my slimcarts, we're not allowed to use them for multicarts). Should I ever do that, you can always send in the carts for a free update. Oh yes and the Mail Plane carts are in stock aswell, 15 EUR, available through the order page.

That's it for today, more news in the next couple days:-)

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