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Finally I'm really happy with the lightpens: they now feel even more solid, feature a high quality vinyl sticker and a 3D-printed plug. I'll be using the plug on all center dongles, 3D imagers and upcoming hardware.

I have ~10 imagers of the current iteration (MK2) left, then I will order new redesigned pcbs (I lost the old files and it's time to fully switch to SMD)

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Then I started making "behind the scenes" pictures that I will include in random orders (3+ items)

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Finally vexZ (by la1n) is packed and waiting to be shipped!

price is 16 EUR for the game. Free shipping at any 3+ games.

Shipping within 24 hours for the next two weeks:-)

For quick order use these paypal buttons:

Delivery to the US and worldwide (not the EU)
Delivery to the EU (UK, France, Germany...)

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