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So what happened in the last month?

Player2 just turned 3 months and will soon be able to press buttons (this project is a pure time killer..)

IRRELEVANT got shipped (blurry pictures upcoming...):

The stickers for the upcoming LUCHS SOFT releases arrived (now it's just the overlays missing and probably a new box system):

Check out VectrexRoli's preview of MENSCHENJAD and FRESSAKK. (And while your're at it check out his channel, lots of good Vectrex reviews there)

Contact me if you want to get on the preorder list, but please don't send me any money before the games are packed and waiting to be shipped. We still need to figure out the overlays and stuff you know:-)

New stickers for my multicarts (should you decide to put them in empty cartridge shells):

Finally the whole madtronix crew will be travelling to Linz, Austria for the:

eurocon 2014

which means no shipping costs for anyone picking up their stuff in person on the 13th of September in Linz.

And for everyone else:

10 EUR (maximum) flat rate shipping worldwide for any orders that I will ship from Holland/Germany on my way to Austria next month. Just let me know when placing an order.

I'll do my best to reply to all the open order requests asap now. Everything is in stock and I finally have some "free" time.

Thank you everyone for being so patient:-)

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