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... is the first association I get when thinking of Mail Plane.

Seems like in 1924 they made hundreds of these 18 meter long arrows from east to west coast in the US so that the mail plane pilots would find their way. How they found back though with the arrows pointing wrong direction, I don't know... ;-)

Anyways even though I should spraypaint some new imager wheels I just had to finish my Mail Plane cart (and the ones for the folks who helped Chris Romero from obtaining the cart+ROM in the first place) I think I'll go for the silver font.

Animaction is still my favourite LightPen "game" but now with 5 LightPen games already out maybe some skilled programmer could add Lightpen features to their game...

Here's a picture of my developers 512k carts with RAM. I had to find the program from 7 years ago to change some games on the multicart, now that Mail Plane is included:

I whish I had some free time now, I really really want to get started programming Vectrex games. There's stuff you can only do with vector screens...

The order backlog is 7 days now and I prefer not to have people waiting longer than 7 days between payment and shipment. All currently open and paid orders will ship latest Thursday. All new orders will be notified that the order ships 7 days after payment.

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