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So finally after a lot of tinkering the madtronix cart shells are in presentable form. I want to have the final price at 5 EUR but first I need your help: The shells are 3d printed, so they are not as slick as the original shells and will never be. Weight, dimensions and stability is the same as the original shells.

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I don't see them as competing with the original shells, merely as a spiced alternative: wide choice of colours, possibility of custom logos/shapes and made with a lot of love.

Before I take orders I'd like the community to judge: I'm offering supporter bundles containing 5 shells covering the quality range from the best I can produce to as "bad" as I still dare to sell. The shells will fit all carts that also fit in the original shells. Price is 50 EUR for 5 shipped worldwide. 5 different random colors from the first picture or you pick. If you know how to send me money without paypal fees you don't need to pay the additional 5% paypal fees. EU is +25% VAT of course. If you just need the shells as cheap as possible, just wait. If you want to support this project, buy the bundle now and I'll add my eternal gratitude:-)

I can produce 4 per day and will upgrade the capacity depending on demand. I'll be shipping the bigger orders first. Please don't order if you cannot wait at least a month.

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Of course there are no restrictions on what you can use the carts for (multicarts, etc.)
More colours like crackled, transparent, glow in the dark coming "soon".

For quick order use these paypal buttons:

Delivery to the US and worldwide (not the EU)
Delivery to the EU (UK, France, Germany...)

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