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I was too busy sending out the shipping notes from yesterday. Sending out packages without stamps doesn't work again... And I don't want the supermarket girl to be searching computer keys for an hour, so I will send todays packages on Monday.

Otherwise it looks quite good, The next batch of Imager visors arrives hopefully tuesday which means all the remaining imagers will ship on Wednesday.

I'm very confident to finally have all emails answered by then. Sorry to all of you who had to wait long. If you ask questions I want to answer them in all detail, but it also takes some time.

Currently the time from payment to shipment is 7 days which I'm quite happy with. In the future it should be 3-7 days max.

As long as I haven't answered all emails, I won't raise the prices. At the current 79 EUR ends don't meet, but I want everyone of you to get the imager for that price till the website is fully running again. Of course everyone who inquired within the last 7 years willl get one for that price aswell. Then I'll go up to 89 EUR, and if it turns out ok, will leave it at that price. Current goal is having all emails answered, orders shipped and the website running in 8 days.

It has been a wonderful January full of Vectrex stuff.

Thanks to you!

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