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So the status with the post is that the online services I need are still not up yet but the more expensive option to ship from supermarkets is open again.They officially still have 2-3 days delays on those kinds of packages and random false reroutes happen (have to drive 30km now to pick up a parcel for example instead of just 10).

Shipping from the supermarket means that the girl working there will have to type in all your addresses manually in the system. Fast typing is not her strength. Neither her colleagues. Think of one finger on the address label and one searching the right button on the keyboard. I don't want to stand around in the supermarket for 3 hours waiting but I don't feel comfortable with so many paid packages sitting around at my home either. Will have to make up my mind on that later today.

Ok then an update on the vectorzoa games:

Assembly of the pcbs with RAM and bankswitching logic. In that configuration the pcbs have 24k ROM + 8k RAM. Both logo and spikes circus need that much RAM.

One thing I realised is that I could significantly cut down assembly time by using solder paste stencils and a reflow oven. Reflow oven is already ordered (chinese version of course, homebrew style) and should arrive any day now. With the stencils I gonna wait till I have some spare money. Now I'm using a glue dispenseer hacked for use with solder paste, a hot iron and a SMD hot air rework station. It works. Results look much better than with a soldering iron.

cleaning the pcbs with ultrasonic in isopropyl alcohol. Gonna buy a better cleaner now, ultrasonic cleaners for 100EUR and below are just toys when you want it clean fast without manual brushing needed:

The first paint layer for logolite:

The green layer on top. The challenge here was to fing a paint that sticks on the chrome paint without dissolving it and yet is not opaque. Of course I forgot which of the 40 Spraycans I have I used back then and had to experiment a little. But I think I got it figured out, the green gets a bit darker when drying:

Note to myself: only buy paint from 1-2brands from now on. I already bought 3 new paints for Spikes Circus, since the one I bought back than is about to be empty soon. Since Spikes Circus was orange themed I chose neon orange on black background which makes it appear not neon colored at all but gives it a surface with really nice haptic properties. Since juggling while riding a unicycle is a lot about fine feeling, the special haptic slimcart design was a must:-)

Well the paint is wet in the pictures, so will see later today how it looks dried. later today I will apply the decals with the resin.

The question of the day is: how do I remove the orange Spikes Circusesque coating from my only pair of fine shoes o_O.

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