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No the swedish post computer system still is not working.

And the printer I used to print the golden/silver decals for the vectorzoa slimcart games was broken aswell, when I decided to print more for the new batch. Since these printers don't get made anymore since the year 2000 and they cost 500+ EUR on ebay buying a new one definitely is no option for me so I decided to fix it. Just took ~4 hours and epoxy-glue and it seems to work again (I won't put it back in the plastic casing again though, this allows faster fixing in the future.

Since Epoxy systems are quite toxic, I store them outside, so it took some time till I found the resin again to perform some tests. Just in case I ordered new anyways.

The ICs for the bankswitching logic arrive on Tuesday (if UPS doesn't screw up again, they're notorious for being unreliable in what parcel services call "remote areas" (=where I live). So it looks like vectorzoas games will be back in Stock from Wednesday on - yaaay

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