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This morning I got a mail saying one 3D Imager arrived in The Netherlands - after just 48 hours o_O

Then I just got an unboxing video link from this crazy Austrian youtuber VectrexRoli

I was surprised he was not in his basement, maybe Mrs.VectrexRoli was asleep and he was allowed to do his video game business upstairs?

Or it has something to do with the girl in his basement...

I didn't include any manuals to challenge the tinkerer in you.

No that's actually because I need to make new photos, but the model is currently in India. Anyways, the "assembly" is quite self explainatory: Put the visor on the head mount and put the color wheel on the hub with the white sticker facing towards the Vectrex. Then you may need to apply the small metal distance wheel on top of the colour wheel with the side labeled "TOP" still visible:

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