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Ok so the last 3 days I've been answering mails nonstop. I nearly managed to answer all mails and had some really good and motivating conversations with some of you. That was good because If there's one job I really don't like then it's bookkeeping. So having done that for three days it was time for something else so I decided to pack all orders that have been paid for in the last 2 days and print out the shipping labels so I could ship today (Friday).

Going on the swedish post website ( I see a note that there was a fire in their datacenter and the whole postal website and tracking system is temporarily down. So no way for me to post your imagers today.

Machine translated news articles:
article 1
article 2

This will delay shipping your item(s) till the post services ( are up and running again. I work the whole weekend, so if the services are up again by Sunday, your item(s) will ship on Monday.

Here two short pictures, the first showing the wheels being printed with the old technique:

And the second one showing the wheels before being spraypainted. The printers cannot the black colour opaque, so I have to cover them in three layers of black spraypaint:

The rest is going really well, the vectorzoa games should be in stock within 2 weeks, the postwoman brought me new ink and shipping boxes today and more motors for imagers are ariving any day from now.

I hope to find some time next week to finally work a bit on the website:-)

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