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Today I finally wanted to backup my harddisk.

I use to completely mirror them so I always have one backup harddisk. Really practical when you're travelling.

Anyways: why on earth do this things break when they fall down 10 centimeters (!) when switched off?!?? And 15 Minutes earlier I explained Mrs. madtronix what a SSD is...

All work data from the last half years is lost, your emails are not lost though, I just have a bigger focus on sorting out this problem now.

The big question is should I open the harddisk or will just the dust totally destroy it? And: will a data recovery center be able to restore the (encrypted) data.

This is the moment when I whish I could just restart this day/level or maybe use an extra life. Like a dear friend recently wrote me: "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away".

Either way I guess I know more in 24h. Till then no emails, shipments, etc. Sorry.

No Harddisk, no games.

Welcome reeality!

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