Classic multicart


Classic edition menu driven multicart with all 74 classic games, hacks and demos. Only cart to also include Animaction.

Original games

3D Minestorm, Animaction, Armor Attack, Art Master, Bedlam, Berzerk, Blitz, Clean Sweep, Cosmic Chasm, Crazy Coaster, Fortress of Narzod, Heads Up / Soccer, Hyper Chase, Melody Master, Narrow Escape 3D, Polar Rescue, Pole Position, Rip Off, Scramble, Solar Quest, Space Wars, Spike, Spinball / Flipper Pinball, Star Castle, Star Hawk, Star Trek / Star Ship, Web Wars / Web Warp.

Unreleased games

Berzerk 2 (debugged prototype), Dark Tower, Engine Analyzer, Mail Plane, Minestorm II, Mr. Boston, Pitchers Duel, Polar Rescue beta, Rocket Sledge 3D demo, Spectrum Stress Tester, Star Treck controller hacked, Star Trek debugged, Test Cart 4.0, Tour de France.

Homebrew games

Armor Attack (spinner hack), Bedlam (spinner hack), Bombenhagel, City Bomber (by Andrew Coleman), City Bomber (by anonymous), Minestorm live and bullets hack, Minestorms (spinner hack), Narrow Escape 2D, Pole Position (spinner hack), Solar Quest (spinner hack), Star Castle (spinner hack), Verzerk.


2in1BETH + Vecsports demo, 4d rotocube, Becky’s message, Boulder Escape Terror Hazard, Dondzila’s Mad planetoids demo, Koko’s Retribution, Manu’s Kingpin demo, Manu’s Nonagalf demo, Manu’s Yoehl demo, Manu’s Ztagger demo, Mikes Molecules, Paratroopers, Phytagorean Phenomenon (vecvoice), PongSteril’s Blocks Demo, Vectorzoa Imager Test, Vectorzoa Kousokusen, Vectorzoa Snow Challenge, VecVoxX X-Mas demo.

This multicart is also available as a boxed bundle.

+ 25% VAT if you live in the EU.


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