Star Sling


In the distant galaxy of Varachnotrex, the sport of the moment is Star Sling; piloting giant mechanised spiders in space, players compete as a team or against each other to mine the most asteroid minerals.

Star Sling uses a unique control method to support its furious arcade game play; the analogue joysticks are used to provide immediate placement of the cursor anywhere on the screen. At the start of each level players are given a few moments to place their Star Spider (using button 2) or accept the default location.

Button 1 fires your Star Sling. The sling will start at the point where the cursor was when button 1 is pressed. By keeping button 1 held down and rapidly moving the joystick the sling will stretch out enabling asteroids to be ensnared. Upon release the sling will contract causing the contained aseroids to collide. Colliding 2 or more matching asteroids will cause them to explode and disappear, points will be awarded and a small amount of energy will be regained. Colliding 2 or more non-matching asteroids will cause them to fragment, creating new asteroids. The use of the Star Sling in this fashion consumes a small amount of energy. Energy is shown via the small bar at the top of the centre of the screen.

Button 2 activates your Star Sling in tractor mode. Select an asteroid by placing the cursor over it and hit button 2. Your Star Spider will immediately match its velocity. This is the only way you can control the movement of your Star Spider. However using a few rapid taps of this button you can control your spider very effectively.

Play either alone or with a friend simultaneously. You can choose whether to work as a team or against each other. Colliding mismatching asteroids near your opponent is a very nasty trick. You only get one life in this game though, so don't start something you can't finish.

Comes with game instructions.

Game by Vectorzoa. Slimcart by Madtronix.

+ 25% VAT if you live in the EU.


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