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I know some of you have been waiting long to be able placing an order. It's very important to me that I can ship within 14 days of having received the payment, so instead of promising something I cannot keep, I didn't take any orders.
With new arrangements in place you should be able to order stuff without waiting for me to manually sort out the orders.  Please bear with me now in the beginning if it takes a week more to get the stuff shipped or something in the store doesn't work the way it should. Feedback welcome, thanks for your support!

Shipping from Sweden is really expensive. I will add cheaper shipping options for regular customers and customers who pay by bank transfer during the next couple of days, stay tuned.

P.S.: There will be self-assembly kits available in the near future for those of you looking for better pricing.

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New website and store is nearly completely online. Please don't order anything yet, I still have to fix some things. I expect to be done on Monday.

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files/news images/new_shells_sticker.jpg

So finally after a lot of tinkering the madtronix cart shells are in presentable form. I want to have the final price at 5 EUR but first I need your help: The shells are 3d printed, so they are not as slick as the original shells and will never be. Weight, dimensions and stability is the same as the original shells.

files/news images/new_shells_closeup.jpg

I don't see them as competing with the original shells, merely as a spiced alternative: wide choice of colours, possibility of custom logos/shapes and made with a lot of love.

Before I take orders I'd like the community to judge: I'm offering supporter bundles containing 5 shells covering the quality range from the best I can produce to as "bad" as I still dare to sell. The shells will fit all carts that also fit in the original shells. Price is 50 EUR for 5 shipped worldwide. 5 different random colors from the first picture or you pick. If you know how to send me money without paypal fees you don't need to pay the additional 5% paypal fees. EU is +25% VAT of course. If you just need the shells as cheap as possible, just wait. If you want to support this project, buy the bundle now and I'll add my eternal gratitude:-)

I can produce 4 per day and will upgrade the capacity depending on demand. I'll be shipping the bigger orders first. Please don't order if you cannot wait at least a month.

files/news images/new_shells_crackle.jpg

Of course there are no restrictions on what you can use the carts for (multicarts, etc.)
More colours like crackled, transparent, glow in the dark coming "soon".

For quick order use these paypal buttons:

Delivery to the US and worldwide (not the EU)
Delivery to the EU (UK, France, Germany...)

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files/news images/lightpen_deluxe.jpg

Finally I'm really happy with the lightpens: they now feel even more solid, feature a high quality vinyl sticker and a 3D-printed plug. I'll be using the plug on all center dongles, 3D imagers and upcoming hardware.

I have ~10 imagers of the current iteration (MK2) left, then I will order new redesigned pcbs (I lost the old files and it's time to fully switch to SMD)

files/news images/giveway_pictures.jpg

Then I started making "behind the scenes" pictures that I will include in random orders (3+ items)

files/news images/vecZ_lot.jpg

Finally vexZ (by la1n) is packed and waiting to be shipped!

price is 16 EUR for the game. Free shipping at any 3+ games.

Shipping within 24 hours for the next two weeks:-)

For quick order use these paypal buttons:

Delivery to the US and worldwide (not the EU)
Delivery to the EU (UK, France, Germany...)

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So what's new?

I just finished a new batch of imagers and am slowly answering all open order requests. I finally had to raise the 3d imager price to 89 EUR, i simply cannot manufacture them for 79 EUR and even 89 EUR is a close call...

Player2 is developing really well, if I could now answer your order request it's simply because this player2 project is new to me and I don't want to sit on a pile of money for undelivered orders. As a general rule of thumb I won't answer order requests if I'm not sure I can deliver within 2 weeks.

If you already sent me an email but want to bump it to the top of the list, just drop me a short note. If it is very urgent call me (number visible when sending the contact form)

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Thanks for 2014 everyone, it was a lot of fun!

The player2 project certainly took it's toll, but I have 4 full weeks for answering the email backlog now.

Thanks for your support everyone, it has been overwhelming:-)

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MENSCHENJAGD is still waiting for proper boxes and Overlay, but STERNENKRIEGER out now waiting to be shipped:

STERNENKRIEGER is a 1-player LCD-style game collection consisting of 3 games and a TOURNAMENT mode ....

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So what happened in the last month?

Player2 just turned 3 months and will soon be able to press buttons (this project is a pure time killer..)

IRRELEVANT got shipped (blurry pictures upcoming...):

The stickers for the upcoming LUCHS SOFT releases arrived (now it's just the overlays missing and probably a new box system):

Check out VectrexRoli's preview of MENSCHENJAD and FRESSAKK. (And while your're at it check out his channel, lots of good Vectrex reviews there)

Contact me if you want to get on the preorder list, but please don't send me any money before the games are packed and waiting to be shipped. We still need to figure out the overlays and stuff you know:-)

New stickers for my multicarts (should you decide to put them in empty cartridge shells):

Finally the whole madtronix crew will be travelling to Linz, Austria for the:

eurocon 2014

which means no shipping costs for anyone picking up their stuff in person on the 13th of September in Linz.

And for everyone else:

10 EUR (maximum) flat rate shipping worldwide for any orders that I will ship from Holland/Germany on my way to Austria next month. Just let me know when placing an order.

I'll do my best to reply to all the open order requests asap now. Everything is in stock and I finally have some "free" time.

Thank you everyone for being so patient:-)

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Just a short note that I won't be able to answer any emails till July 3rd.


So back in a week fueled with a lot of energy:-)

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This side project originally started as non-Vectrex related but turned out to be one of the driving forces behind madtronix taking up the Vectrex work again:

The release was nearly 2 weeks late but it turned out pretty good I think. Really easy going like the rest of the team. I'm not sure about the gaming and coding skills yet, but we'll give our new team member some time for that.

This also means that all current paid orders will be shipped with a 2-3 day delay since I was in hospital the whole weekend.

We're really happy:-)